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Who are we?

We are academic program designers, a school management and operations team, as well as ‘conceptualists’ of the future of learning for students worldwide.

Our Story

Engineers of Academia.

Committed to Education

MapleTree Education was founded with one purpose – to build a space for the growth and development of students. To encourage creativity, critical thinking, perspective and opinion. Through our philosophy, and the metaphoric resemblance of the MapleTree – we are transitional, versatile and grounded by our core values. 

Practices of continuous innovation towards current curriculum’s, bridging of curriculum’s and designing of our own formulas, we in change create more middle grounds to connect with niche communities.  

Education For All

We invite you to explore our site and discover the academics and community MapleTree Education provides to each and every student. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour, learn more about enrollment, or ask any other questions.

The Mission

We understand that each of our students have individual wants and needs. Every community in the world presents a different reality. Therefore we strive to create a space of learners to foster knowledge. International curriculum meets localization of courses and approaches.

We continue to attempt reaching more communities in Asia and around the world, presenting a solution and an alternative to the conventional stringent.  

Our Vision

A digital campus that has boarder-less learning opportunities and options. The evolution of education into an independent form that is able to strengthen a child’s core by making their interest and habits, the pinnacle of the approach

Our Philosophy

Ever changing, always present. Education has been around for decades, as the students age and move onto other chapters within the consotrium of learning, the student matures and forms perception which later add to the considerations of facts.

With such acceptance, and excitement for the new batch spring brings, we believe in upholstering the childs current capabilities and Our unique approach provides students with the proper thoughts fused with historical theories in education.

As leaves change colour, our bark stay grounded, we will always be a support system that contributed a fundamental experience, to this ongoing journey.

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