Global Real-Time Learning

Online, Anywhere, Anytime

Our real-time learning adds the human touch to the digital age of learning experiences.

Portal Features – Machine Learning 

Attend real-time classes and be in the classroom with students attending the physical school. You will be able to participate in real-time q&a sessions. Learning materials in different content formats are ready for you, assessments, classroom play backs just in case you missed it and so MUCH MORE!

Portal Features – Social Communication 

Be able to communicate with other students in your year group. Maybe you want to get to know someone on the other side of the world who is also part of the MapleTree family? It is possible! Get a chance to directly speak to your teachers from anywhere, regarding anything you need for your subjects in case you missed it and so MUCH MORE!

Portal Features – Digital Athletics

Since we are unable to build a field for all the online students, we instead have sport themed games for students to indulge in. A team can be created and other students of the MapleTree global real-time learning platform can play with you to boost your cognitive skills digitally!


The Skeleton to our Learning Experience


MapleTree’s Very Own Early Childhood Education Program


The British Curriculum


Qualifi is affiliated with Universities across the globe, even the top 3%

COVID19, 2020 has shifted us all. However, MapleTree Education, alongside the students and respective families – is proud to announce that this portal was able to successfully support the IGCSE class of July, 2020 to achieve 100% passes, 70% A’s!

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